CIIPC Research Fellow presents at 4th Asian IP Works-in-Progress Conference

Shrinkhala Jaiswal, Research Fellow, CIIPC, presented the paper titled “‘Working’ Through NPEs Debate: Injunctive Relief in India”, co-authored with Mr. Yogesh Pai, at the 4th Asian IP Works-in-Progress Conference organized by Applied Research Centre for Intellectual Assets and the Law in Asia (ARCIALA) School of Law, Singapore Management University, Singapore on 30th and 31st January 2019. The presentation dealt with the empirical study conducted by the authors to find the causal relationship between the status of NPEs and grant of injunctive relief by the Indian courts, which is a significant part of the paper. The presentation initially began with explaining the basics on meaning of ‘working’ of patents and Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs) and their evolution and what is the problem that this study is intended to address. The presentation further discussed the methodology that was implemented while conducting the study, the results from the study and what these results were indicative of.